Caviderm ( PTH ) Units for Printed Circuit Boards

These systems have become an industry standard for plated through hole measurements on PCB

CaviDerm CD-8

Caviderm CD-8 pictureThe UPA Caviderm range uses the Micro-resistance principle for accurate surface copper and plated through hole measurement, and has set the standard for many years within the printed circuit board industry with models like the CD-6, CD-7, CD-9, CD-10 and CDP-10. Today it still offers the smallest Printed Through Hole ( PTH) measurement available in a non destructive test.

CPS probe pictureThe current production model is the Caviderm CD-8 it offers a fast and efficient method of measuring copper in printed circuit board through holes. Surface copper thickness is quickly and accurately measured on epoxy laminate. Copper on multi-layer panels can be measured with no loss of accuracy. The system has plug in probes for different applications. Hole sizes down to 0.25mm can be tested using the CPS-112 PTH probe. Results are displayed on a 2 line 20 coloum LCD display. Surface Copper is measued with a CDP-6 Probe

Download the brochure here

ITM-52 (formerly CaviDerm 5100)
The ITM-52 an enhanced version of the Caviderm 5100 system and is designed for fast, precise, non-destructive measurement of copper thickness in plated through-holes (PTH) of printed-circuit boards (PCB) and measurement of copper laminate of un-etched PCB.

This gauge is used for in-process control to maintain high-quality PCB production.

Principle of operation
The gauge utilizes eddy-current principle when measuring copper thickness in plated through hole and four-point electrical resistance principle to measure copper laminate thickness on PCB surface.

ITM52 CDE5100 pictureFeatures:-
◦measures smaller through-holes than any other competing instrument
◦measures not only in holes, but also on the surface
◦applicable for single, double and multilayer PCB
◦measures copper thickness even under SnPb alloy coating
◦measures wet boards
◦only one-side access to the board is necessary
◦calibrated with NIST traceable standards
◦customer master calibration is available
◦automatic zeroing
◦instant precise readings
The ITM-52 consists of a basic unit offering a variety of probe sizes.

The ITM-52 basic unit is adjustable for thickness of PCB, electrical conductivity, measuring units (metric or imperial), high and low limits, local time and alarm. It stores up to 15,000 readings and has IR-port downloading capabilities. Built-in functions include number of readings taken, min/max readings, mean value, standard deviation, range, Cp, Cpk, histogram. It is battery powered and equipped with an internal charger.

Down load the brochure here

Probes and Cartridges

Eddy-current probes for through holes are detachable, consisting of a probe holder with replaceable EP-25 and EP-30 plug-in cartridges. The EP-20 probe is not detachable. Probe sensing tips (US Pat. 5,600,240) are inserted into through-holes to take readings. Due to special construction of probe tips, cracks in the copper may be detected. Probe tips are protected with special material to provide measurements in wet holes. Measurements are possible on etched or un-etched PCBs.

EP30 S ProbeEddy-current probes EP-25S and EP-30S have shortened dimension in order to increase fastness to shear load on the tip during measurement
SP100 Surface ProbeSurface probe SP-100 is designed for measuring copper laminate thickness on PCB surface. This probe realizes four-point electrical resistance principle of operation
Changable Probe TipsEddy-current detachable probe and replaceable cartridges

Probe Specifications

Type of probe / cartridge Diameters of PTH, mm (in) Size, mm (in)
EP-20 probe 0,45 - 0,55 (0,017 - 0,022) Ø14 x 100 (Ø0,55 x 4)
EP-25 probe as an assembly
(cartridge EP-25 plugged-in to cartridge holder)
0,6 - 0,8 (0,024 - 0,031) Ø10 x 125 (Ø0,4 x 4)
EP-30 probe as an assembly
(cartridge EP-30 plugged-in to cartridge holder)
0,8 - 2,4 (0,031 - 0,09) Ø10 x 125 (Ø0,4 x 4)
EP-25S (shortened probe) 0,6 - 0,8 (0,024 - 0,031) Ø10 x 90 (Ø0,4 x 3,5)
EP-30S (shortened probe) 0,8 - 2,4 (0,031 - 0,09) Ø10 x 90 (Ø0,4 x 3,5)
Cartridge EP-25 0,6 - 0,8 (0,024 - 0,031) Ø10 x 60 (Ø0,4 x 2,4)
Cartridge EP-30 0,8 - 2,4 (0,031 - 0,09) Ø10 x 60 (Ø0,4 x 2,4)
SP-100 --- 37 x 19 x 80 (1,5 x 0,7 x 3)


Full system delivery set includes the following items: ( Individual items can be ordered)

  • ITM-52 basic unit
  • EP-20 probe
  • Cartridge holder
  • EP-25 cartridge
  • EP-30 cartridge
  • Reference standard RS-52-1 for the EP-30
  • Reference standard RS-52-2 for the EP-25
  • Calibration unit for EP-25/EP-30
  • Reference standard/calibration unit RS-52-3 for the EP-20
  • Hand-held probe guide
  • SP-100 probe
  • SP-100 calibration foils
  • AC adapter
  • IR-port adapter
  • Operating Manual
  • Plastic storage case


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