Leptoskop Series

Leptoskop 2042 Coating Thickness Gauge

This easy to use versatile instrument comes with precise measurement technique and easy operation

The LEPTOSKOP 2042 is used to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrate (according to DIN EN ISO 2178) and to measure the thickness of electrically non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic electrically conductive substrates by means of the eddy current method (according to DIN EN ISO 2360). 

L 2042 in case A reliable technique in combination with comfortable tools like displaying the thickness values as an analogue pointer, a file management similar to Windows and 10 different languages for free selection fulfils all wishes of an ambitious user.

The LEPTOSKOP 2042 is an economic instrument with a battery life-time of more than 100 hours. 

The instrument records the operating time and the number of measurements, so these important parameters are available per se for proper tracing of testing devices. 

A colour rubber protective holster is included in the scope of supply and protects the instrument in industrial environment with the additional feature of slip protection.

2042 unitThe LEPTOSKOP 2042 is available with three configuration levels:

Basic - basic features in proven quality
Advanced - additional statistics evaluation
Professional - statistics evaluation and data memory

If required, the gauge can be upgraded at any time to the upgrade levels Advanced and/or Professional. The upgrade process is executed by means of code, which can be entered on-site to unlock the modules "Statistics" and/or "Statistics & Data Memory". Returning the gauge to us for upgrading so purchasing a new instrument is not necessary if you want to add features for new measuring demands.

For Additional Tecnical Information and probe options

Download the Brochure here

Some Display Views

Selection of menu items (example: language list)
Clear arrangement of the statistics values together with the current reading
As is used with PC readings are stored in directories and files


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Measure the thickness of any non conductive coating ( paint, lacquer, varnish, powder coating ) etc or non magnetic coating i.e. zinc on ferrous material.

Download results to a PC for data analysis

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Rugged reliable test equipment.

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