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NEWS - AVI wins order for multiple MS40 Dry systems

NEWS - MS-50 HS Dry proving successful for new specification testing on hermetic packages

We are a supplier of Leak Detection and gas handeling systems and accessories for Non Destrucive Testing (NDT) and process monitoring.

Our products are used in production, incoming quality, product development and failure analysis and safety inspections across a wide range of industries.

Leak Detectors / Testing

A comprehensive range of systems from Helium Mass Spectrometer to simple Air Mass Flow or Pressure Decay.

Leak test systems can range from Hand Hend, Bench Top to Full Industrial Turn Key Equipment

.

Testing Services

We off small batch testing of customer parts


Vacuum Gauges, Calibrated Reference and Components MS50 leak detector

Digital and analog Pressure / vacumm gagues and standard vacuum fittings / feedthroughs


Over 25 years of experience

In Leak Testing / Detection, we also supply a complete line of ( NIST ) National Standards Traceable calibration references, accessories and support services. Our staff have extensive knowledge to help address your needs.