Veeco MS-40 / Edwards LT600
The industry standard MS-40 portable helium leak detectors

Fully automatic, easy to use, and highly accurate, these advanced design leak detectors are ideal for a broad range of applications including clean, oil-free systems for clean testing.
• Fully automatic operation, tuning and calibration reduces operator training and error
• Simple one-button start-up brings the system ready to test in less than three minutes
• Now assembled for us by VIC ( Vacuum Instrument Corporation ) the dual magnetic sector mass spectrometer provides resolving power of 14: So unlike some systems the Leak detector does not mistake adjacent peaks for helium

• Four modes of operation in a single unit: Direct, Reverse, Combination and with the right probe sniffing in atmosphere for highly flexible performance and applications
• Built-in test diagnostic display system error codes and isolate faults for trouble-free maintenance
• N.I.S.T. traceable temperature-compensated internal calibrator
• Fully CE certified - European units are built to CE certified specification (rest of world units may not be)


MS40 / LT600 Helium Leak Detector imageMS-40 / LT600 Standard Wet Mechanical Roughing Pump System. Specification...
standatd mS40 mobile cartOptional Cart Simple large wheeled trolley with storage drawer also allows for Helium Gas bottle mounting.
MS-40 dry Stainless Steel  cabinetMS-40 DRYCombination Diaphrams and Molcular Drag Oil Free Combination. Specs...


The MS-40 DRY is the industry’s first self-contained portable dry leak detector

• Oil-free diaphragm/molecular drag pump make this unit ideal for contamination-free environments

• Optional stainless steel enclosure to meet more stringent clean room standards

• Truly portable at less than 100 lbs; the self-contained diaphragm molecular/drag pump allows for easy movement

• Minimal maintenance: Simple and inexpensive replacement of the pump diaphragms is all the maintenance that is required

• European units are built to be CE certified specification (rest of world units may not be)

m-40dry brochure

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The MS-40 was designed by Veeco Instruments

It was also sold by BOC Edwards in their own liverly under the LT600 range of system models.

It can be used as part of lager turn key industrial testing systems.

Download Brochure

Veeco MS40 Brochure

MS-40 remote control hand set
Hand Held Remote on a flexible cable . Allow for ease of operator use on larger systems under test

Typical Accessories that can be used with the MS-40 / Edwards LT 600 range

leak detector accessories
Includes test chambers, sniffing probes, spray probes, external reference leaks and external larger pumps

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