Advanced Vacuum Instruments Ltd. (AVI)

Helium Leak Detectors
Testing and Services
Leak Detector Accessories
MS-40 also Edwards LT600
Calibrated Leak Recertification
MS-50 Series
Equipment Calibrations
Older Models
Equipment Repairs
MS17/18, MS20, MS30 series
Gas Handling
Air Leak Detectors
Equipment Service Contracts
2100 Series
44 Series
Small Batch Parts Testing
7000 Series
Multilumen Catheter Leak Tester
On Site Testing
Pirani and Thermocouple
TT-100 IV Tube Tester
Diaphragm and Convection
Controllers and Switches
User Training
Argon Leak Detectors
Rotary Vane Pumps
Hydrogen Leak Detector
Vacuum Valves
Portable H2 Battery Operated Model
General Vacuum Components
Customised Turn Key Systems
Industrial Leak Detectors  
MS-50 Leak Detector From VeecoProduction Console Leak Detector The MS-50 has been estblished for a few years and is one of the few with full NATO approval.
User TrainingThis can be done on a one to one basis or as often the case in small groups.
Helium Recovery SystemGas Recovery SystemsWhile Typically Helium gas is used in industrial testing is possible to recover other gasses.

A worldwide installed base of equipment

The family of leak detector products offered have evolved over 50 years and we are able to say we have one of the highest installed base of systems from a single manufacturer.

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