Calibrated Gas Reference Leaks

We offer a high quality line of calibrated gas leaks traceable to National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST). Calibrated gas leaks are used to provide a controlled delivery of gases at a relatively low flow rate for applications including:
• Calibration of leak detectors, including helium and halogen sniffers
• Calibration of residual gas analyzers
• Calibration of analytical mass spectrometers
• Provides pressure rise at predictable rates
• Gas blending
• Simulated leak


MS40 / LT600 Helium Leak Detector imageOM Series The OM Series leaks utilize a precision tapered glass capillary as the leak element. Gases pass through a single orifice, with the leak rate dependent upon size and gas pressure.


standatd mS40 mobile cartPM SereiesThe PM Series leaks utilize a durable 7740 Pyrex glass permeation leak element which permits diffusion of helium gas.


MS-40 dry Stainless Steel  cabinetEMOT SeriesThese leaks are specifically designed for atmospheric sniffing applications. The leak standard features a metal orifice with zero dead space volume between leak element and outlet fitting.


MS40 / LT600 Helium Leak Detector imageSC SeriesThe SC Series leaks are calibrated to a master standard traceable to NIST in a temperature and humidity controlled room. Primarily for Veeco / VIC products


standatd mS40 mobile cartSpeciality LeaksWe provide a wide range of specialty leaks designed specifically to meet your application requirements.  Please contact our application team for complete details.


MS-40 dry Stainless Steel  cabinetRecalibration ServiceWe offer a full recalibration service for calibrated gas leaks we provide and also for similar leaks from other sources



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The MS-40 was designed by Veeco Instruments

It was also sold by BOC Edwards in their own liverly under the LT600 range of system models.

It can be used as part of lager turn key industrial testing systems.

MS-40 remote control hand set
Hand Held Remote on a flexible cable . Allow for ease of operator use on larger systems under test

Typical Accessories that can be used with the MS-40 / Edwards LT 600 range

leak detector accessories
Includes test chambers, sniffing probes, spray probes, external reference leaks and external larger pumps

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