The CopperDerm is the perfect instrument for the precise and instant measurement of surface copper thickness on unetched Printed Circuit Board. It uses micro-resistance technology to provide the most accurate surface copper measurement possible on single, double, multi-layer or foil PCB laminates. Inner copper layers do not interfere with the accuracy or precision of the surface copper measurement.


The CopperDerm system includes everything for you to begin measuring immediately, including the Infinity probe, spare probe tip module, protective instrument cover with flip-up stand, calibration standard, and storage case.

Designed for Printed Circuit Board manufacturers
Eliminates scrap and costly rework
Perfect for single, double-sided or multi-layer boards
Rechargeable battery
Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display
Measures in mils or microns
Infinity probe with replaceable, rounded tips

mm615 System Features

99 application memories and storage of 20,000 measurements
Protective case cover with flip-up instrument stand
Calibrates using only a single standard
Statistical Limits
Measurement offset
Conductivity correction factor

CopperDerm Specifications:
Dimensions 3" X 5.5" X 1.75" (75 mm X 138 mm X 44 mm)
Weight 360 grams / 12.7 oz
Display 1" X 2" (25 mm X 50 mm) backlighted LCD
Memory 99 application files and storage for 20,000+ results
Statistics Avg Std Dev, % Dev, accuracy, high, low, range, and CPK
Accuracy Better than +/-1%
Measurement Range from 0.01 mil - 8.0 mil (.25 um - 200 um)
Data Port USB
Batteries Rechargeable NiMH


HMX hand held XRF iPAQ Deteched

The Infinity Probe also operates on our Caviderm instruments.

Uses replaceable pin modules for a fast, inexpensive solution eliminating costly probe replacement

Rounded probe tips protect against damage of soft copper surfaces and are rated for up to 1,000,000 cycles!

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