Eddy Current and Magnetic Induction

eddyprobingFrom the renowned DERMITRON range, with around 40 years of history, to more basic hand held devices this technology has long been a main stay of Non Destructive measuring for film coatings where a metallic layer or substrate is the item to be tested.


Dermitron Benchtop Systems

Dual mode instruments - Advanced Eddy Current and Magnetic Induction systems are used worldwide by platers, anodizers and finishers, whenever precise control of coating thickness is required. Eddy current measures any coatings on substrates with a conductivity difference of at least 20%. The DERMITRON D3000+ also has an optional Hall Effect mode for Ni measurement capability giving added value

Features include:

demitron bench topMeasures small, plated parts (down to 1mm area)
A single calibration measures platings on various steel alloys

Multipule Calibration Memories
Large lighted LED, measurement readout
Single measurement / Continuous "scan" mode
Automatic start
Measures in Mils or Microns
Plug in Probes for your specific applications

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Dermitron CMS

The DERMITRON CMS is the latest in a long line within the product range

Demitron CMSWhile it can be used like a bench top system on its charging stand the system can also be carried to the job, bringing back the portability of the best selling D-8 model from the 1980's

The system has 20 calibration memories and 100 applications can be logged. In a total of 350,000 measurements can be stored. Results are displayed on a 50mm x 62mm backlit LCD

Export to a standard PC is via 9 pin Serial to USB connection.

Four Standard AA size NiMH batteries provided hours of use.

System is supplied in an aluminium storage case holding battery charger spare battery pack standards and selected probes.

Dimensions 250mm x 125mm x 62mm

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Additional Information

Selecting Dermitron Probes

Typical Applications

Reference Standards per ISO-17025. NIST tracable
eddy standards
Thickness Standards for most applications are offered at competitive prices.

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Small and versatile easily fits in your pocket.

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