Gas Handling Systems

Single-sourcing can be crucial to the efficiency, reliability and support for your manufacturing operations. In order to provide complete peace of mind, VIC offers truly complete leak-test solutions from product preparation to gas recycling:


MS40 / LT600 Helium Leak Detector imageSmart Charge II An advanced gas backfill and evacuation system with built-in gross leak test. Ideally suited for tracer gas charging of products prior to fine leak testing.


standatd mS40 mobile cartSmart Charge IIIA fully automatic, custom configurable evacuation and gas backfill system with built-in gross leak test that may be used to pre-charge products under test with gas for leak detection.


MS-40 dry Stainless Steel  cabinetGas BoostersGas booster systems produce high-pressure process gas supplies from lower pressure sources, typically boosting a shop air source. Base units provide up to 600 psig pressure output. Options include higher pressure outputs and process gas drying capabilities. Can be configured for single gas or dual gas boosting..

MS40 / LT600 Helium Leak Detector imageGas MixersThe gas mixer provides a mixture of two gases by alternately filling a tank until each gas has contributed proportionally to the tank’s final pressure. The volume ratio of each gas is determined by the selected mix percentage


standatd mS40 mobile cartHelium Recovery Paper

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MS-40 dry Stainless Steel  cabinetRecalibration ServiceGas Recovery features a group of high efficiency gas recycling systems that significantly reduce tracer operating costs. The decision to invest in a Gas Recovery system is often determined by its financial feasibility.



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The MS-40 was designed by Veeco Instruments

It was also sold by BOC Edwards in their own liverly under the LT600 range of system models.

It can be used as part of lager turn key industrial testing systems.

MS-40 remote control hand set
Hand Held Remote on a flexible cable . Allow for ease of operator use on larger systems under test

Typical Accessories that can be used with the MS-40 / Edwards LT 600 range

leak detector accessories
Includes test chambers, sniffing probes, spray probes, external reference leaks and external larger pumps

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