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We are a supplier of Non Destrucive Test (NDT) equipment and services. Covering:-
Film measurement systems used to determine the thickness and composition of metallic depositions commonly employed in the Metal Finishing, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Microelectronics and general coatings industries such as paint and anodising. Steel Wire cables and Conveyor Belt inspection and Leak Detection.

Our products are used in production, incoming quality, product development and failure analysis and safety inspections across a wide range of industries.

Coatings Measurement / Element Analysis

Hand Held units through to high specification X-ray Fluorescence (XRF). A number of different technologies are available

We can offer a solution for most applications including destructive testing. Read more...

Steel Wire Cable Testing / Conveyor Belt Inspection

A specially designed instrument range for non-destructive inspection of wire ropes and metal conveyor belts in the most reliable way.


Leak Detection / Vacuum AccessoriesMS50 leak detector

A comprehensive range of systems from Helium Mass Spectrometer to simple Air Mass Flow or Pressure Decay.

Leak test systems can range from Bench Top to Full Industrial Turn Key Equipment. Read more...

Over 25 years of experience

In Coatings / Electroplating and Composition measurement, also Leak Testing / Detection, we also supply a complete line of ( NIST ) National Standards Traceable calibration references and support services in these areas. Our staff have extensive knowledge to help address your needs.

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