MD-490S Portable Helium Leak Detector
The real sniffer !

As a dedicated helium sniffing unit only there is no compromise on operational performance often found in some multi purpose systems.

MS-60 leak detector• Designed for efficient, error-free industrial use
• Fastest response time in the industry (<0.5 sec.)
• Highest sensitivity sniffer (5 x 10-8 Atm-cc/sec)
• Helium background suppression (push button)
• Maintenance-free, dry pump (oil-free)
• Less than 3 minutes total start-up time
• Fully interactive system diagnostics with multilingual displays
• Front panel key lockout
• Complete with standard probe, built-in calibrated gas leak, and fully-automatic calibration
• Optional Remote Display and exclusive Vibrating Probe for noisy industrial environments
• CE units available
• Simple one-button start-up




Useful Business Links

Also see the MS-40 portable helium leak detector


It was also sold by BOC Edwards in their own liverly under the LT600 range of system models.

It can be used as part of lager turn key industrial testing systems.

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