Veeco MS-50
A console high speed production helium leak detector
The MS-50 series of console high-speed production leak detectors offers unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use, with simple one-button power-up and fastest time-to-test. Available in a variety of ergonomically designed CE-compliant models and configurations, the MS-50 is ideal for a broad range of application-specific testing.

- Fully automatic startup, tuning, and calibration reduce operator training and error
- Industry's only dual magnetic sector mass spectrometer offers highest resolution at twice the industry average
- Industry’s only production leak detector with full-screen interactive flat panel display; On-screen menus display status at all times; Accept and Reject indicators show test results automatically
- System can store up to 50 pre-programmed test recipes
- Multiple languages are available at the touch of a button
- Industry’s only scan switch allows positive identification of helium at any time during testing
- 3 user selectable flow modes for optimum performance
- Dual pump system eliminates helium contamination during the roughing portion of the leak test cycle
- NIST traceable temperature-compensated internal calibrator for fine and gross leak test accuracy
- Filament emission control circuit extends the life of environmentally safe tungsten filaments to match that of radioactive thoria-coated iridium type filaments
- Simple one button power up has system ready to test in less than 3 minutes
- Key-activated lockout mode
- Dual filament source allows continued testing until scheduled maintenance


MS-50 console leak detectorMS-50 The MS-50 range comes with a choice of oil filled or dry vacuum pump options. Specification...
MS-50 dual test port console leak detectorMS-50 Dual PortDual port design increases throughput by allowing simultaneous testing on one port while loading second port.
MS-50 UFT imageMS-50 UFTThe newest addition to the MS-50 High Sensitivity series is ideal for ultra fast precise, quantitative leak measurements of Hermetically Sealed Devices:. Specs...



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The MS-50 Backfill Station

MS-50 backfill station

• Allows evacuation, final backfill and pinch-off of hermetically sealed devices
• Ideal for backfilling sealed relays, switches, gyros, timers...
• Easy integration with the MS-50 Leak Detector via the side port manifold
• Includes mechanical roughing pump and backfill manifold
• 0 to 30 in. Hg pressure gauge
• 12” diameter base plate with 2 ports and optional bell jar


MS-40 remote control hand setHand Held Remote on a flexible cable . Allows for ease of operator use on larger systems under test

Typical Accessories that can be used with the MS-50

leak detector accessories
Includes test chambers, sniffing probes, spray probes, external reference leaks and external larger pumps

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