Leptoskop Series

Pocket Leptoskop Coating Thickness Guage

This guage is probably the most compact availble, yet still with great flexibility plus execellent display readability and come in 3 versions

pocketleptoskopPocket LEPTOSKOP® 2018 - For thickness measurement of non-electrically conductive coatings on non-magnetic electrically conductive base metals (NFe, such as aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, austenitic, etc.) according to the eddy current method (ISO 2360).

Pocket LEPTOSKOP® 2021 - For thickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic base metal (Fe, for example, iron, cast iron, steel, nickel, cobalt, etc.) to the magnetic induction principle (DIN EN ISO 2178).

Pocket LEPTOSKOP® 2026 -- Combination probe for NFe and Fe measurements. The nature of the base metal is detected automatically



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