Coating Measurement Reference Standards

We provide the industries finest standards manufactured in a world class standards laboratory with full NIST traceability and certified per ISO-17025.

State of the art techniques deliver the best quality standards available. We are confident that our calibration standards will meet or exceed the accuracy of any other commercially available standards.

Speciality standards can be fabricated from raw stock or your samples.

Standards Options

Standards for all brands of coating / plating thickness instruments, including

CMI / Oxford
Twin City
Cal Metrics


New standards for use with the following measuring principles:

Beta Backscatter
Eddy current
Hall Effect

Standards Recertification

Most standards are checked and recertified in a 7 day turnaround period for the certification of thickness standards for: X-Ray, Beta Backscatter, Eddy Current and Magnetic instruments
All standards certifications are traceable to the NIST and guaranteed accurate
ISO/IEC 17025 (#1588.01) certification for all brands of thickness standards meets the requirements of QS-9000, ISO-9000, ANSI Z540, NAVLAP, and Military specifications.


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Other Reference Standards

We also provide a range of NIST tracable gas standard reference leaks.

Multipule gas options are available and in a wide range of leak rates.

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