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For many companies X-ray Flouesence measurement has become the "technology of choice" for the measurement of metallic coating and alloy composition testing, due to it's great versatility and accuracy. Systems can even offer basic metallic concentration of metal within a solution

XRF 2000 series

These cost-effective X-Ray systems provide efficient and accurate measurement for all platings, including alloys and multiple layers. Reliable and easy-to-operate software using Windows XP and drop-down menus make these systems ideal for your plating thickness measurement requirements

System Software for Microsoft Windows
Multiple Measurement Applications: Coating Thickness,Composition and Solution Analysis.

Typically : Leadframe, PCB, Connector, Jewellery, Fasteners
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Sample Stage : Point and Shoot Positioning Control 2d , 3d , Random / Programmable Control

Multi Tube Target : W , Mo options
Analyser : 1024 Multi-Channel
Excitation : Single / Multi Layer Coatings Above Atomic Number 21

Absorption : Single Layer Coatings Below Atomic Number 21, on Base Materials Above Atomic Number 22

Detector : Proportional Counter / Semiconductor Detector

Collimator : 0.1 , 0.2 , 0.3 , 0.4 , 0.05 x 0.3 , 0.1 x 0.3 mm

Power : 100/120 or 220/240 VAc 50/60 Hz , Max 300 W

Outstanding features of the XRF 2000 include a shutter-free design, which completely shuts off the X-Ray tube current except when performing measurements. Shutting off the XRF tube between measurements extends X-Ray tube life because unlike other systems, the X-Ray tube is only being used during measurement.

Measurements can go directly to Excel with a simple click of the mouse and five custom report formats are included for immediate review or printing of measurement statistics, graphs, and data. Video images, logos, and colour highlighting can also be included in the measurement reports. Programmable stages, slotted chambers, motorized collimators, and solution analysis are available as system options.

Three chamber models allow for plating measurement of virtually any size or type of parts. Windows based, user-friendly operating software simplifies system operation.

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xrf 2000 system

System HMX

HMX hand held XRF iPAQ DetechedThe System HMX, is the world’s first handheld XRF film thickness and composition analysis tool. HMX is designed for the inspection of metal finished parts and electronic components for the metal finishing and electronics industries.

A versatile portable X-ray coating thickness measurement and material analysis system designed for the inspection of metal finished parts and electronic components, the new HMX allows the user to take the Lab to the process by delivering the speed, power and precision of XRF analysis, wherever and whenever it is needed.

HMX is your choice when coating thickness and material analysis applications plus demand for at point of process measurement for QC, plating line, and analytic lab applications in the factory or in the field.

HMX is an ideal XRF solution for measurement of large (even giant) samples

HMX Key Features:HMX assembled

Ideal solution for measurement of large (even giant) samples.

At-process measurement for QC, plating line, and analysis lab applications.

At-sample analysis in the factory or in the field.

Alloy sorting and alloy identification for substrate materials management.

Unique “Batch Measurement” mode lets you calculate the average thickness of a batch of small parts with a single measurement.

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XRF Technology Guide The Basics Explained

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Reference Standards per ISO-17025. NIST tracable
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Thickness Standards for most applications are offered at competitive prices.

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NEW XRF 2000 R

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RoHS Analysis & Plating Thickness Fast multi element testing from 0.1wt% to 100wt%.

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